Xtool KC501 Key Programmer for Mercedes Benz

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Powerful in Benz programming functions and fashionable in appearance, Xtool KC501 is a professional Key & chip programmer which can read & write keys, read key remote frequency and generate dealer keys for Benz. It supports read and write MCU/EEPROM chips, read and write Mercedes Infrared keys. Moreover, it support PC connection which brings you better user experience.

KC501 is compatible with X100 PAD3 (X100 PAD Elite), H6 ELITE, AUTOPAD S, A80, A80 PRO, A80 PRO MASTER, H6 PRO, HU6 PRO MASTER, AUTO PRO PAD ELITE.

XTOOL KC501 Functions:

Read and write keys

KC501 supports read and write keys, support read key remote frequency as well as generate dealers key.

Read and write MCU/EEPROM Chips
KC501 can read and write MCU/EEPROM Chips
Read and write Mercedes Infrared Keys

KC501 can read and write Mercedes Infrared Keys, is a perfect key programmer for Mercedes Car Owner.

Support PC Connection

KC501 supports PC connection or tablet.

KC501 Latest Update Information:

Add Infrared Key Function List (July 30th, 2020)
Model         Years
A Series     2005-2013
B Series    2005-2014
C/CLK Series     2006-2014
CLA Series      2013-2016
CL Series   2006-2013
CLS Series    2006-2013
E Series   2005-2015
G Series    2015
GL/CLG Series    2006-2014
GLC/GLK Series    2008-2015
M/ML Series    2006-2013
R Series    2006-2017
S Series    2006-2017
SLK/SLC Series    2006-2016

Display Screen: 320×480 dpi TFT Colorful Screen
Working Voltage: 9V-18V
Working Temperature: -10℃-60℃
Storage Temperature: -20-60℃

Power Supply: 12V DC

Package includes:

1pc x Accessories
1pc x Certificate Of Quality
1pc x Packing List
1pc x User Manual
1pc x Carton
1pc x Test Connectors
1pc x MCU FQFP176
1pc x MCU FQFP64
1pc x XTA001 Clamp
1pc x IC Clamp
1pc x MCU FQFP112
1pc x MCU FQFP144
1pc x MCU FQFP80
1pc x IC EEPROM Socket
1pc x EEPROM Adaptor (With bracket)
1pc x XTA002 Clamp
1pc x XTA003 Clamp
1pc x 26 PIN Cable
1pc x 24AWG Cable
1pc x Tool Case
1pc x Main Units
1pc x KC501 Key & Chip Key Programmer
1pc x USB_TYPE-B
1pc x USB_TYPE-C
1pc x Charger (With Power Supply Cable)
1pc x for Benz Infrared cable